Centro Fiera del Garda
February 23-24-25-26 2019

“Italian food and wine in Centro Fiera del Garda of Montichiari„
Italia, Lombardia, Brescia

8th Edition

Visiting the fair you can find food, cattering and high quality products.


Traditional Food

A real paradise for gourmets, so we can define Golositalia & Aliment. A whole area dedicated to food where known, taste and buy products that are difficult to find, both for visitor than operator.


The direct contact between the organization and the food producers is a hallmark, every year the range of products offered increases giving rise to a complete exposition of its kind, where the matching between the operator and the producer takes place during all days of the event. The visitor will find in this area a unique opportunity to make direct contact with producers, get as much information and to avoid all the commercial chain.


Gluten Free, Bio&Vegan, Food Intolerances

Offer a unique exhibition of its kind, it means to turn the attention to the topic of celiac disease and food allergies. The new 2015 is the area dedicated only to gluten-free products and a whole range of foods for those with specific allergies.


Today feeding is experienced by different points of view and the exhibition through the participation of companies with organic and vegan products unable to complete communication with all types of users. Therefore continues the expansion of Bio & Vegan area, that every year is more and more interested. Operators will find innovative ideas in this area for the expansion of their offerings.



tuesday 22 april 2014
friday 10 february 2012
Golositalia 2012 Special (BresciaOggi)

On Bresciaoggi a special dedicated Golositalia in 2012 that tells the strengths of the event....

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