Centro Fiera del Garda
February 23-24-25-26 2019

“Italian food and wine in Centro Fiera del Garda of Montichiari„
Italia, Lombardia, Brescia

8th Edition

At the fair you can find a careful selection of wines and craft beers


The best Italian wines

In consumer preferences prevails more and more the search of quality products also with regard to the world of wine and beer.


For this reason Golositalia & Aliment has designed an entire exhibition area just to the wineries. Between one lane and the other of the wine area, the visitor will therefore have the feeling of being able to travel from one region to taste the different flavors of the many qualities of wine on display.

The best crafts beer

Even beer is taking an increasingly important role in consumer choices. More and more, in fact, are lovers of craft beer.


The industry in recent years has been issued in the domestic and international markets, playing a role so important that it was decided to create a completely dedicated and put the spotlight on the world of craft beer. The exhibitors come from different Italian regions and major European areas with historical knowledge of the hops and offer dozens of types of beers, ensuring also to the researcher more ccareful surprising news.


For operators of the sector is certainly an area aimed at expanding the knowledge of a product increasingly in demand and sought after.


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