Centro Fiera del Garda
February 23-24-25-26 2019

“Italian food and wine in Centro Fiera del Garda of Montichiari„
Italia, Lombardia, Brescia

8th Edition

Area Bio, Vegan and food intolerances


Area bio, vegan, food intolerances

New habits and alimentary needs

An exposition is complete if you pay attention also to celiac disease and food intolerances in general. For this reason we decided to increase the area dedicated to gluten free products and to all products for those suffering of food intolerances.

Today talking about nutrition meens also talking about some new diet. Lots of people choose to follow a new type of food philosophy. That’s why we have decided to increase the number of companies which expose biological or vegan food. A real occasion for professional to expand their offers and for consumers to find food for their new lifestyle.

Are you a company interested in exposing? Please have a look at our exhibition page.


tuesday 22 april 2014
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